Your Putting Sucks! by George Connor, PGA

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Excuse the brash title.  I was trying to get your attention.  As someone passionate about putting, I want you to raise your expectations when it comes to putting.  Great putting requires very little in the way of physical attributes.  So make the commitment to drastically improve your putting this year.

You will use your putter for almost half of the shots you play in a round of golf yet it is the most overlooked aspect in golf. Very few people take the time to learn how to putt. Less than 4% of the lessons given in the United States are on putting. In some circles buying a driver “off the rack” or without going through a fitting would be unheard of yet picking a putter because it looks good is somehow acceptable. Thinking about your own putting performance, how many shots do you throw away per round with three-putt greens or missed short putts?

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