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Drill Your Way to Great Putting

by George Connor

You want to practice your putting.  You know you should practice but it gets boring.  How do you know you are working on the right things?  Drill Your Way to Great Putting is your guide to discovering what you need to practice and how to set up fun productive practice sessions.  Available from

Edge Putting Rail

From EyeLine Golf

A must have tool for anyone looking to build and maintain a smooth, consistent and reliable putting stroke.  Spending 5-minutes a day on the rail will.  A great training aid to use indoors and out.  Available from EyeLine

Slot Trainer

From EyeLine Golf

This is the perfect companion to Drill You Way to Great Putting.  This simple and versatile tool is a great way to set up alignment drills, gate drills and path drills.  Available from EyeLine Golf

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Orange Whip Trainer

A great device to have with you at the course to warm up with before a round of golf.  Swinging it at home everyday is another great way to stretch and strengthen your golf muscles.  Available From  Enter ConnorGolf at checkout to save 10%

Roll Tech Putting Greens

From GolfTrainingAids

This is the same surface trusted by ConnorGolf in the indoor putting lab.  There are many portable putting surfaces available but this is the best.  Lightweight, easy to set-up and finally an artificial surface that reproduces real green speed.  Follow this link to take 10% of your purchase.

Workout Tees

Be Comfortable and Committed

These performance tees will keep you cool and comfortable while you and everyone in the gym knows you mean business.  Two styles available. Click here to order.  Expect 2 weeks for delivery.