Winter Offers

              The Putting Initiative                                                         Winter Is the Pre-Season
A Community Leading You to Great Putting                                  Don’t Wait for the Season to Start 

For less than a sleeve of premium golf balls per                   In every sport there is a pre-season.
month you can get exclusive content, practice                      Why would you wait until the season
plans, videos of drills and special offers delivered                starts before you begin your plan for
to you.  Content is delivered multiple times each                 improvement.  I teach all winter in
month all year long.  Get productive practice and                Hartford and Glastonbury and always
information right in your own home or office.                      look at winter as the best time to
Shave strokes off your scores forever without                      make swing and stroke changes.
commuting to see me for private coaching.                           Don’t let the pre-season pass you by.

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