Putting Initiative


Full Putting Analysis


Blast Motion Sensor 

Full 3D Motion Analysis 

When you have concrete information of how your body moves, where the putter moves along with the sequence and speed at which they move, you have a complete picture of what you need to do in order to improve your putting performance.  Take advantage of the Putting Studio at Farmington Woods all winter long.  Get an analysis along with prescribed drills, games and exercises to become the greatest putter you know.  The 90-minute session is only $160. Schedule yours today

  Aimpoint Green Reading

Read Greens Like a Tour Pro

Accurately Predicting how a ball will curve is no mystery.  Aimpoint will teach you how to go through a simple process to determine exactly how any putt will break.  Used by the world’s greatest putters around the world, you can learn the same system from ConnorGolf.k9qoJ7B_DqGtXshiputaocwrIpJgplFyh9t7xH5HvIc

Each week we see more and more Tour players using AND winning with this simple system.  Take the mystery out of reading greens and start making more putts!

The Putting Initiative Masters Putting Day

6-Hour Putting Immersion

Why? There is nothing more disappointing than hitting great drives and crisp iron shots only to fail to take advantage of them with mediocre putting.  Missed putts from short range, taking three-putts from 25-feet are sure ways to raise your score, your blood pressure and your anger.  When you become a prolific putter your save pars by making those 8 and 10-foot putts.  You can manage the course better when you know you can play that difficult shot to the middle of the green and have a stress free two-putt par at worst.  When you start making a lot of putts, you remove stress from your full shots safe in the knowledge that if you do miss the green a decent chip shot is all that is required in order to save par

What?  Great putting will require you to possess three skills.

  • Accurately predict how the ball will curve as it rolls to the hole
  • Have the ability to roll the ball down the intended line
  • Roll the ball at the proper speed for the chosen line of the putt

Most golfers lack the understanding of how all three of these are intertwined.  As a result, they have limited success on the putting green and are not sure what they should be doing to improve.

  • Assess your current skills
  • Learn the set-up and stroke mechanics that work best for you
  • Develop the ability to start the ball on the perfect line
  • Understand how to best control the energy you put into the ball to control speed
  • Learn the AimPoint Express green reading system

Hour 1: Skills Test, Find Your Ideal Set-up and Stroke Mechanics
Hour 2: Learn to Roll the Ball on Line and at Perfect Speed, Break
Hours 3&4: AimPoint Express
Hours 5&6: 9-Hole Playing Lesson at Farmington Woods focusing on Putting Performance and Course Management

Individually this program would cost more than $500.  Register for the Masters Putting Day and save.

$375 per person
Maximum of 4 Students per Session
Minimum 2 Students

Each student receives a personalized practice suggestion and a copy of Drill Your Way to Great Putting

Scheduled dates for the Master’s Putting Day will resume in the Spring.  Have a few like minded golfer friends?  Let’s book a private day!

George’s Book

Drill Your Way to Great Putting – by George Connor

463b075f68b9407bceafa0f00ecaf8b6You want to practice your putting.  You know you should practice but it gets boring.  How do you know you are working on the right things?  Drill Your Way to Great Putting is your guide to discovering what you need to practice and how to set up fun productive practice sessions.  Available from Amazon.com