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Learn the Hierarchy of Skills

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Golf Instruction can get really complicated.  It does not have to be.  By working through a list of skills that all great ball strikers posses, the improvement process becomes orderly and attainable.

The 7 Skills

  • Pre-Swing:  Grip, Posture, Alignment and ball position all must work together to fit the individual
  • Solid Contact: Solidly striking the golf ball on a consistent basis is a must.
  • Club face control:  Sending the ball to the target starts with delivering the club face to the proper position during impact.
  • Swing Plane: The path and angle that the club approaches the ball is an integral piece of producing consistent controllable shots.
  • Body and Pivots: In order to produce powerful shots consistently, the body must be engines to the swing.
  • Effortless Clubhead Speed: Producing speed efficiently will allow the golfer to hit the ball amazing distances.
  • Width: Maintaining a reasonable width through the swing will allow for a simple and consistent swing.

K-Vest 3-D Technology

K-VestTPI 3D, developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, is a powerful 3D motion capture software platform that consistently and accurately analyzes the 3D motion of a golfer’s swing. The software captures swing efficiency, via the kinematic sequence graph, and allows users to view key biomechanical information including posture and dynamic movements.

  • Kinematic Sequence report instantly illustrates the cause of distance and accuracy issues.
  • Provides critical information required for analyzing swings and helping the player achieve their goals.
  • Instantly see movement from any angle without the need for multiple video cameras.

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