Connor Top 50

Most Golfers Need a Coach Not a Teacher

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, you need a team.” – John Wooden

Are you frustrated that you hit the ball further with the newest drivers but aren’t scoring any better?  Are your wasted shots near the green hiding the fact that your full swing has gotten better? Taking lessons is one way to hit more good shots and shoot lower scores.  Lessons help but the time you spend in between lessons is critical and oftentimes neglected.  A program with seemingly constant contact for a 12-week period would be more effective.


Enter the Connor Top 50.  Over the course of 12-weeks, a select group of dedicated golfers will have the ability to be coached by the Two-Time CT PGA Teacher of the Year and an expert in scoring, short game and putting.  I will help you sift through all the information and tips that you have and have been confused by.  I will help you define your goals both for the 12-weeks of the program and the longer term.  I will help you use your limited practice time to create effective and productive sessions that will get you to your goals.  Most importantly, I will hold you accountable.  Weekly “report cards” will keep you actively working towards a lifetime of better golf.

Email me now to reserve your spot

As a member of the Top 50 List you will have access to:

  • Weekly Live Webinars.  Each week, a pre-announced topic will be covered.  The webinars are interactive so you can participate, ask questions and get the a little better from each call.  (Calls will be recorded for those that cannot be on the live call)
  • Personalized Change Road Map.  Let me help you define where you want to go and the tactics you will need to do to get there. This is a huge value to you.  We have all decided we wanted a change, but only those that created a blueprint were successful.
  • Discounts on Private Coaching Sessions (Save $20 per hour)
  • Exclusive Access to Group Schools, Clinics, Supervised Practice Sessions and Playing Lessons
  • A personal Edufii account and inclusion into the Top 50 Edufii Group. This allows me to pass timely information and articles to the group as well as an easy way for you to send me video clips.
  • Up to Three Online swing lessons.  Simply record your swing and upload it into Edufii and I will review the swing, putting stroke or short game motion that you would like looked at.

The next session of the Connor Top 50 will run from April through June.

Webinar Topics will include:

  • Setting up productive practice sessions
  • Golf Fitnesswebinar
  • Using a dynamic warm-up to hit the ground running
  • Using the Rules of Golf to your advantage
  • Dispelling Myths
  • Playing the Percentages with Course Management
  • And More.  Your input is critical to defining topics

Email me now to reserve your spot in the Top 50

This select group is limited to the first 50 golfers that vow they are dedicated and ready to take their game to the next level.  The subscription for the program is $68 per month billed monthly.  Save $25 when you agree to pay for the 12-weeks at the beginning of the program.

The Top 50 will run continuously throughout the year.  Early adopters will lock in the $68 monthly rate if they decide to continue with future 12-week sessions.  Sessions will highlight different areas of the game based on the time of year. For example, this winter will focus more heavily on golf fitness and working indoors to prepare for the upcoming season.  Once we get outside we will have the ability to focus on getting your short game sharp and you ready for competition.