3D Analysis

17 Sensor 3D Motion Analysis from MySwing

How can I hit it farther?      What does the proper forward swing feel like?
                                Is my lower body working the right way?            Am I swaying?

Remove all doubt with 3D motion analysis.  With 17 sensors, we can now record A full 3D view of the golf swing, as well as measurement and plot of the kinematic sequence, x-factor stretch, lateral vs. rotational motion, handle twist velocity, club head velocity, club shaft angle, front and side bend, pelvic and spine tilt, and much more.

Screenshot (13)With sensors transmitting data from your feet, knees, hips, shoulders, head, arms, and club we now get a full picture we now get a very detailed look at your golf swing.  We can find power leaks, discover more a more consistent swing and keep your entire swing synchronized.

Screenshot (14)

Get all the data on your golf swing!  90-minute appointments will include:

  • initial data capture
  • Analysis
  • Corrective prescription
  • Training
  • Final data capture
  • Analysis

green-buy-now-button90-minute 3D Session    $195 pre-paid. purchase now

This high tech insight into your golf swing will speed up the learning curve.  Find out how you can add yards, play without pain and hit great shots more consistently.